yamamoto-underwearThe Fukushima nuclear disaster still remains fresh in the minds of many, despite the event happening nearly three years ago. Well, much has been said about it, and I am quite sure that the Japanese government and people are working hand in hand to help alleviate the condition there within the shortest time possible. Yamamoto Corp. a swimwear company in Japan, has decided to do their bit for the country by coming up with an interesting kind of clothing line that they call “radiation shield wear”.

According to Yamamoto, this will be very different from the usual kind of radiation protective clothing. For instance, the first layer of protection would feature a pair of lead-lined underwear which will make sure that any harmful gamma rays are kept away from your abdomen and lower spine, where it could result in damage to your tissues that would be beyond repair. On top of the crotch guards, you will then pull over a beta ray-shielding drysuit that was specially designed to prevent radioactive materials from sticking to your body. These radiation shielding garments will go on sale later in November, with the drysuit costing a whopping $1,072, while the lead-lined underwear will require you to fork out another $825. Sounds expensive? Better safe than sorry, no? Definitely cooler than any 3D printed underwear for sure. [Product Page]

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