Underwear is such an important piece of clothing we all should probably be wearing on a regular basis, although we know there are some of you who would prefer to live a lifestyle that’s a bit more free than the majority of folks, which means underwear isn’t even in your vocabulary. If you’re a part of the former group, then you know what a pain it can be to spend every week washing your undergarments, but Tamicare has come up with a way to make 3D-printed disposable underwear a reality.

Tamicare claims their 3D-printed material is soft enough where it feels like woven fabric, which is due to the use of Cosyflex printing technology. Cosyflex is used to print a hybrid fabric by mixing different polymers, such as natural latex, silicon, polyurethane and Teflon along with textile fibers such as cotton. The resulting fabric is said to be very stretchable, comfortable and can even be printed in a variety of colors.

Tamicare’s 3D-printed underwear takes a total of three seconds to print, which means you can go from being completely nude to sporting a new pair of underpants in no time at all. Best of all, you won’t even have to throw them in your dirty laundry, which can not only save you time, but a ton of money as well.

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