family-guy-gameFox has recently announced that they will be developing a new mobile game which will be based on the extremely popular TV series, Family Guy. This particular title is set to be released some time next year, and Fox will be partnering with mobile game developer TinyCo. I guess it is a good thing that the folks over at TinyCo have just picked up around $20 million in funding, as that ought to help them continue their work without any worries about not having enough money. The Family Guy mobile game will not be a game with just Family Guy characters thrown into the mix, but rather, it will come with its very own story line.

It remains to be seen as to just how much of the material will be inspired by the 200 plus episodes of Family Guy that have already been shown off on TV. When you think about it, next year would mark the 15th anniversary of the show, so perhaps this Family Guy mobile game is being worked upon so that it can celebrate this particular milestone. Needless to say, the game itself will be set in the town of Quahog, where all of the beloved characters will feature in it. Will Brian Griffin, the family pet, make it into the game? After all, he was he was killed off from the show recently. Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure, such a game might not seem as though it deserves the Kazuyo experience.

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