Back in the day, people used to keep tabs of their daily lives through journals or diaries. It’s a great way for you to reflect on what you’ve done for the past couple of days, and is especially interesting to read through several years down the road. But if you’re like us, you just don’t have enough time in your day to actually keep a journal. A new application called Heyday is looking to help keep tabs on what you’ve done to create a journal of your life that completely writes itself.

The purpose of Heyday is to create a private journal based on photos you’ve taken and places you’ve visited every day. Instead of relying on keeping that information located on the company’s servers, all of your personal information is stored locally on your phone.

Heyday is able to create montages of photos taken from a particular moment, let’s say, a holiday party. It first detects photos with faces and that aren’t blurry, then it chooses a layout and even automatically applies filters to give your photos a bit more life. When accessing the app, users can change the order of their images and even the filters that have been used if they like.

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