LG: Flexible Displays Will Account For 40% Of The Market In 2018It was only a few years ago that companies such as Samsung were demonstrating displays that were flexible, and while it was rumored for a while, the fruition of their efforts were realized this year with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, both of which have gone on sale to regular consumers, as opposed to merely being prototypes or concepts. While both devices do feature pretty curved displays, they are still somewhat rigid and apart from novelty value, there really isn’t much use to owning one at the moment. However LG feels that come 2018, smartphones with flexible displays will command a whopping 40% of the market, which basically means that almost one out of 2 devices will have such a display.

Why is LG so confident that this will be happening? Well apparently they seem to think that handsets with curved or flexible displays tend to feel better since they conform more with the curves of your hand, as opposed to being a solid block of plastic/metal. However like we said, Samsung and LG’s efforts right now aren’t exactly considered “flexible”, but rather devices with the curvature of its display being extremely pronounced, so apart from bragging rights, these phones pretty much function almost similar to current smartphones. Will phones with flexible displays truly be the choice of the future? Or will curved/flexible displays end up like 3D phones?

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