Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox One, comes with a party chat feature that’s actually a standalone app which lets gamers chat with up to seven friends while playing games. As the feature’s description suggests, party chat should simply let users chat with their friends without any hiccups. However things aren’t going that smoothly. A lot of gamers have complained about issues when trying to connect to friends, some even complain that the feature does not work with certain games are being played. Microsoft has its eye on the situation and Larry Hryb a.k.a Major Nelson assures gamers that “things will get better.”

Hryb responded to a complaint about this very issue on Reddit. He said that he had a meeting today about these issues and that he can say things will get better. However, Hryb didn’t give a timeframe in which we can expect the issues to be taken care of, neither did he say which issues will be tackled first. He only assures gamers that Microsoft is aware of the issues and that things will get better over time. So if you have suffered from these issues as well on your new Microsoft console, all you can do right now is wait for Microsoft to gradually improve the party chat feature.

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