no-smart-braIt was a week ago when we brought you the possibility of Microsoft Research working on a smart bra, but it seems that all of that has been nothing but hot air, considering how plenty of the various projects that are under development might never make its way to the mass consumer market, being proof-of-concepts for the most part. As for the hotly talked about “smart bra” that riveted the Internet’s attention for a few moments last week, it will not come to pass as a commercially available product. National Public Radio (NPR) was extremely curious to know whether this “smart bra” would eventually roll off production lines, and this was the response that they received from a Microsoft spokesperson.

“The bra sensing system is just one instance of a class of work from a group of Microsoft researchers who are focused on the broader topic of affective computing, or designing devices and services that are sensitive to people’s moods and react accordingly. While we will continue our research in affective computing, Microsoft has no plans to develop a bra with sensors.”

There you have it, from the horse’s mouth itself. That means no smart bra is in the making, or at least being lined up to work with your latest Lumia handset, either.

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