saic-concept-carYour other half might claim that he or she will move mountains just for you, but seriously, how are they going to do so? At least if they tell you that they will climb up to your apartment window every night to blow butterfly kisses onto your cheek, that might be more doable – especially when the conceptual Mobiliant ride comes to pass. The Mobiliant is the brainchild of SAIC from China, where it has also picked up the winner’s gong at this year’s L.A. Auto Show. This is a single seater ride which was specially designed to open up new ways of traversing through an urban environment, where it is capable of climbing walls so that drivers can arrive directly in front of their high rise apartments and offices.

It sounds rather destructive in nature, but how does the Mobiliant scale walls without damaging the building itself? It will make use of C.L.A.W.S., an acronym for Cilium Layer Advanced Wheel System. These wheels will rely on nano-scale cilia technology which can be adapted to any surface easily, where it increases its grip upon the road regardless of whether you are headed up or down. There will also be internal stabilizers that ensure the cockpit remains level, enabling drivers to remain just fine while driving up the wall. Don’t you just love concept cars?

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