motorola-speak-unlockThey say that a spoken word can be extremely powerful, although it is also understood that a curse which has no place will not fall on anyone. Some people follow the school of thought of speaking things into reality, but why not let technology ensure that this happens every time, all the time? Motorola has recently introduced a new update to its Touchless Control app over on Google Play, which would ensure that your smartphone will be more versatile even when it is in a locked state, as extra Google Now commands should now be able to jive with your smartphone when it is idle and locked.

You will be able to unlock your PIN simply by speaking it out, and Touchless Control will do all the rest. A new tone is also introduced when you say “OK Google Now.” Apparently, this particular update does seem to be made available only to devices that have Android 4.4 KitKat as the operating system of choice, which pretty much rules out the recent DROID family, at least until Motorola and Verizon do something to remedy that situation soon. Speaking out your PIN is fine and dandy by me, but it seems to be a function that is worth using only in private, coming in most handy when you drive and need to concentrate on the road.

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