As far as flagship devices are concerned, LG’s own flagship for 2013 is the LG G2, with its slightly lower specced sibling in the form of the Nexus 5. So what does LG have planned for 2014? We can only assume that we will be seeing a new flagship device, and thanks to LG’s user agent profile, a certain LG D830 has been sighted, although apart from its display resolution which is set at 1920×1080, not much else is known. However given its Full HD display which seems to be standard amongst high-end devices, it could be safe to assume that the D830 is one of LG’s higher-end products.

The LG G2 goes by the model number D802, while the LG G Flex is the DX6xx, indicating that this device will not be of the flexible variety. The closest model number of the D830 is the Nexus 5 which goes by D820, but it does seem a tad early for Nexus 6 rumors right? After all it hasn’t been too long ago that the Nexus 5 was released.  Could it be that we might be looking at an updated Nexus 5? That wouldn’t really make much sense either, and at the same time could anger many Nexus 5 customers who could feel slightly cheated by this move. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled, but with CES and MWC 2014 around the corner, perhaps more will be revealed then.

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