Apple has already unveiled its plans to build a “spaceship” campus on a site previously owned by Hewlett Packard. It would be Apple’s second biggest campus in Cupertino, the company already has its headquarters at One Infinite Loop. The company currently plans on demolishing the structures present on the site before it starts building its new campus. A man was arrested recently from the site, reports a CBS affiliate in the area, he tried to steal copper pipes and wiring.

Security guards employed by Apple noticed that a gate to a fenced off HP office site was opened when they came around to check again after two hours. Believing that someone was still present on the property, the guards called the police and sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the site at Pruneridge Avenue. Enlisting the help of Santa Clara’s K-9 unit and a helicopter, they were able to find the suspect hiding behind some bushes. When he refused to come out, police released the dog which bit him and therefore the man was ultimately arrested. The man had yanked copper tubing and wires from old office buildings previously owned by HP. Once Apple demolishes the existing buildings, it hopes to move in to the “spaceship” by 2016. The 3.7 million square foot campus has been designed to house over 12,000 employees.

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