With the Sony PlayStation 4 being high in demand right now, tensions are understandably running pretty high and we suppose a great way to prank your friends is to trick them into thinking that you’re about to smash their brand new PS4 console with a hammer in a game of roulette! Well this is pretty much what they attempted to do in a New Zealand television show which is hosted by comedians Jono and Ben. The idea is to try and prank Ben into thinking that his PS4 had gotten smashed in a game of roulette, but little did Jono know the tables were turned and well, we suppose this is something you’d have to check out for yourself!

We’re not sure if this entire thing was staged, but basically Jono was pranked in return and instead of smashing Ben’s brand new PS4 (which still had the “new console smell” according to Ben), something else precious got smashed instead. Personally if I were Jono I would be a bit upset to have this happen to me, but he seemed to take it in great stride, leading us to believe that it might be staged. Either way if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you might want to check out this PS4 prank that went wrong (or right?).

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