ps4delay-lackofgamesSony’s PlayStation 4 is off to a good start for the most part, but it seems that over in the UK, the PS4 is doing more than just well as there are reports that the console has managed to achieve the title of the fastest selling console in UK history, beating out the Sony PSP’s record sales of 185,000 at launch back in 2005. This is according to Chart-Track who claims that the PS4 has managed to beat the PSP’s record. The official numbers from Sony have yet to be released, but assuming Chart-Track’s numbers are any indication, it would be safe to assume that perhaps the PS4 would have sold maybe close to 200,000 or more at launch.

Both the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One are currently battling it out for the best console, and given that both consoles were released with very little delay between launches, the fight at the moment is pretty intense, with some markets favoring the Xbox One, while other markets favor the PS4. In any case it’s still probably a bit too early to tell which console has managed to fare better, but so far both appear to be doing pretty well. What do you guys think? How many units of the PS4 do you reckon Sony managed to sell at launch?

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