Electric vehicles aren’t exactly mainstream right now, but there is a lot of anticipation building up for these automobiles. One major factor hindering growth right now is the price, new units of the popular Tesla Model S run upwards of $60,000, which is well behind most people’s budget. Tesla itself is working on a budget electric car right now which it plans on unveiling in 2015. It appears that Samsung might have its eye on electric vehicles as well, recent patent filings discovered by The Wall Street Journal certainly point to that possibility.

Samsung has filed for a wide variety of patents that range for engines to tires to onboard electronic systems. The company has confirmed that it has indeed filed for these patents in U.S. and South Korea, but it also clarifies that it currently has no plans of launching an electric vehicle in the market, despite the fact that it mentions in one of its patents that electric vehicles are likely to present a major opportunity for growth. Such is the case with patented technologies, there is no surety if the patents will ever be brought to life. Even if Samsung doesn’t launch an entire automobile, it may continue its work in the sector by creating technologies that deal with the driver’s interaction with electronic systems.

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