quadcopterDid you realize how the Internet was abuzz with news that Amazon is looking to deliver products to your doorstep using drones that fly through the air via the Amazon Prime Air program? Well, it has certainly drawn different views on its success (or otherwise), but one thing’s for sure – plenty of news surrounding it has been generated and disseminated since. Well, how about enjoying a delivery drone of your own? You might play make believe with the Swann Quad Starship which will feature Swann’s Easy Fly Gyro technology that will include a quartet of axis and propellers.

Thanks to the incorporation of such a design, it is a snap to enjoy multi-direction maneuverability and simple control. The quartet of rotors would allow it to move up, down, forwards, backwards, and sideways. Oh yeah, lest we forget, it can also handle flips and stunt tumbles for that added entertainment value. Using a compact and powerful Swann 2.4GHz control, you will have a controlling range of up to 330 feet away. A full charge would offer you 8 minutes of flying time, while the remote itself would run on four AA batteries, so make sure there are always spares around. I would recommend rechargeables, and do bear in mind that it was constructed for indoor flight.

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