On Sunday during a segment on CBS News’ 60 Minutes program, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed a project that the company has been involved in. Called Amazon Prime Air, the concept is to use flying drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes. Even though the project has only been made public as of now, it may take up to five years until it goes live, provided that all FAA regulations are complied with. Microsoft co-founder and chairman praised Bezos’ vision, but he believes that Amazon Prime Air might be on the “over-optimistic end” of things.

Gates made these comments in an interview with CNN on Monday. He says that its great people have dreams like this, and that “it’s not just books,” that will benefit from the delivery method. Gates images a scenario where similar drones can be used to get health supplies to people in hard to reach areas, given his philanthropic work in this particular field, its quite easy to understand why such a scenario would come to his mind. Gates added that Bezos is “allowed to have a vision there,” because pioneers like him do dream big dreams and that it would be great if the technology can be developed so that it can be used for a lot of products.

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