tombraideriosWhen Lara Croft first hit the scene, I am quite sure that many people were looking at more than just her curves, especially for those whose hormones have just begun to rage. Of course, back then, she came with extremely bare graphics compared to what we have today, high definition graphics and all. Well, going retro is nice, and some times, we wish that we could actually turn back the clock. Square Enix offers you a way to go back the passage of time by rolling out the original 1996 version of Tomb Raider, in all of its old school graphics glory, over on the iOS App Store. The thing is, this particular title would retail for all of a dollar, which is a good thing since to pay anything more than that for a near 20 year old game might be considered as a travesty to some.

As for the difficulty level, it remains to be seen whether your muscles will still be able to remember just how to go through the various dungeons and solve the different puzzles after all this time. The lack of a physical controller would also mean it is a whole new ballgame now compared to last time. [iTunes Link]

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