att-signDoes AT&T have a clear edge over the competition? Perhaps in some areas AT&T’s coverage might be better, and in some instances the carrier’s plans could be cheaper too, and depending on who you get on the phone, sometimes their customer service can be more helpful than the competition as well. Of course all of this is highly subjective but that has not stopped the carrier from bragging about how much better they do it than everyone else, which was revealed in a new marketing slogan announced by the carrier. In the latest marketing slogan from AT&T, they are claiming to be “Bigger than T-Mobile, faster than Verizon Wireless and more reliable than everybody.”

Oddly enough they did not mention Sprint. Perhaps Sprint might be too small to bother with, or perhaps Sprint is doing something better than AT&T that they are unable to prove, but either way it seems that the competition is definitely heating up and 2014 could be a pretty aggressive year for carriers to market themselves to consumers. Speaking to the folks at FierceWireless at CES 2014, the carrier’s CMO, David Christopher, acknowledged that the carrier’s latest slogan was an aggressive move, claiming “We are just letting people know what a great experience we offer […] We want to focus on what we bring to the market and tout our capabilities. We will never go away from that.”

Could this merely be for the sake of marketing? Or could it be that AT&T is actively trying to outdo the competition, namely T-Mobile who had recently announced their plans to purchase some of Verizon’s spectrum for $2.3 billion, essentially turning themselves into a power house that AT&T needs to keep an eye on. Will AT&T’s new marketing slogan work, or will it backfire on them? What do you guys think?

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