Blizzard Announces Free Character Migration For World Of Warcraft

warcraft_worldWorld of Warcraft gamers, if you’re playing in a server that is particularly crowded, you’re in luck because Blizzard has announced that they will be providing free character transfers from high traffic servers into lower traffic servers for free. According to a post in the forums, this offer is expected to begin this week and will be good for about a week, or until the servers fill up, whichever comes first. As it stands Blizzard has announced that the serves eligible for the free migration includes Area 52 and Stormrage which will be migrated to the Turalyon server; Tichondrius and Illidan to the Blackrock servers; Bleeding Hollow and Darkspear to the Korgath servers.

However it seems that there is an issue with the character transfers at the moment which Blizzard has noted and stated that they are investigating the issue. We expect that it will not take long for them to get it under control so you can keep trying until you get through. Blizzard announces free migration every once in a while to help offload the traffic from more popular servers. This is good for gamers who don’t like to wait in queue in order to play the game, and for achievement-based players, moving to a newer and lower populated server is a great way to nab those “World first” achievements as well.

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