wireless-electric-busWireless charging is a topic that we have covered from time to time, even as recently as earlier this evening. Here we are with word from developers of electric buses that are about to begin service will also be able to enjoy wireless charging capability. This new fleet of electric buses will comprise of 8 vehicles in total, where they will be operating along a busy route in Milton Keynes from late January onward. These buses have the ability to run for a longer period of time thanks to a wireless booster charge that they will receive right at the beginning as well as at the end of the route, thanks to plates which are embedded in the road itself, making such buses the first of their kind in the UK to enter service.

The inductive charging capable fleet will run on the Number 7 route, where it will cover the length of 25km (15 miles) between the Milton Keynes suburbs of Wolverton and Bletchley, and it has been estimated to carry around 800,000 passengers annually. A full night’s worth of charging at the depot should be able to let it go to “work” with vigor, and being on the receiving end of the booster charges throughout the entire working day.

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