audi-phone-box[CES 2014] At every edition of CES, you can be sure that there will also be an area that showcases vehicles as well as the different kinds of technology that has been incorporated within, or in this particular case of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), from without. We are referring to how German automaker Audi has been demonstrating Qi wireless charging capability at this year’s edition of CES.

This would place Audi alongside the ranks of Daimler, Toyota, Jeep and others who have already incorporated Qi wireless charging capability in current and future car models. Needless to say, cars are but a natural fit for wireless charging, so to have Qi wireless charging capability just about everywhere the consumer needs it makes perfect sense. The Audi phone box that debuted in 2012 has been refreshed to include Qi wireless charging capability, where the electricity in the floor of the phone box will flow to a receiver coil in the smartphone via induction. Future versions will see the very same Audi phone box provide perfect cell reception, in addition to making sure that a user’s smartphone will remain fully charged all the time. Apart from that, Audi makes use of the WLAN hotspot in the car so that it can combine the world of smartphones and tablets with the automotive world in an intelligent manner. [Press Release]

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