ipad_airWe’ve heard some pretty awesome stories before about how “Find my iPhone/iPad” had been used and actually managed to recover said stolen device, and here’s another one we can add to the list, although this might be a tad more exciting than your typical story as it does involve one of the criminals escaping in a vehicle, although there was no car chase, unfortunately. This took place in New Zealand where a father and son went out to their car after a meal only to find that it had been ransacked and with their iPad stolen (amongst other things). Thankfully they installed Find my iPad and fired up the app on their phone and discovered that the tablet was in a suburb nearby.

They called the cops who accompanied them to the suburb, which according to the dad, was “full of suspicious, sunglass-wearing scoundrels.” One of the criminals managed to escape and actually turned off the tracking feature, but thinking quickly, the dad set the iPad to “lost” mode and sent a message saying, “It’s a small town. We’ve seen you, your car, and your friends. Drop the bag and iPad at Countdown by the Warehouse by 5pm tomorrow and we’ll leave the cops out of it”. Surprisingly they managed to get their iPad back, and the cops managed to nab the thief as well. According to Sgt. Jo Managh, “The fact that technology allows us and affords us to track our own stolen property is fantastic. It helped us locate and recover it back to the victim.”

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