Apple’s Find My iPhone tool is a pretty useful tool especially for those trying to track down a misplaced or even stolen iOS device. Well one 8-year boy by the name of Landon Crabtree did just that when his family’s house was broken in to and the burglars made off with his family’s iPad amongst other things, except that he might have gotten more than he bargained for.

Utilizing the Find My iPhone tool, not only did Landon Crabtree track his family’s iPad to a hotel where the thief had stashed his stolen goods, but the police that was sent to that location discovered a pile of stolen property from about 100 burglaries that amounted to about $350,000! We can imagine how chuffed this 8 year old boy must be feeling knowing that he helped recover stolen items belonging to many people. Head on down to MSNBC for the interview that they had with Landon and his family. So, have any of you guys got great Find My iPhone stories to share as well?

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