final-fight-zGaming on mobile platforms have evolved over the years, where graphics have gotten a whole lot better, thanks to better hardware that has been thrown into the mix. Final Fight Z, however, takes a different look, where it offers a minimalistic, 2D sandbox shoot ’em up game. Not only that, it is so simple that it does not have a need for a storyline, and neither does it need any structure of missions for the gamers to go through. In a nutshell, Final Fight Z would be a sandbox shooting fiesta, where it comes with its fair share of features that will keep you interested.

Basically, the whole premise of Final Fight Z is like this – you will need to be able to survive as long as possible. You will take control of a nameless protagonist, who happens to be unfortunately stranded on a barren land. Unfortunately, the land itself is swarming with zombies, where these ever hungry hordes of undead will approach you from each side and make an attempt at your brains. Alternatively, they might also be able to grab a huge bit from your pixelated body. It is rather comforting then, that you are furnished with more than just a gun, in order to repel the seemingly endless waves of the undead, using a variety of tools like machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and even laser guns. You can download Final Fight Z for Windows Phone here.

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