The New York City Police Department has announced today that it’s going to replace its 36,000 Windows phone handsets with iPhones by the end of this year. The NYPD had actually worked with Microsoft to create apps and secure the device when it decides to source tens of thousands of units for the force. Now that Windows Phone 8.1 is nearing its end, the police department has essentially been forced to buy new smartphones.

Microsoft confirmed in July that it’s going to end support for Windows Phone 8.1. A large percentage of Windows Phone-powered smartphones in the market right now are still running this version of the OS.

The NYPD’s decision to go with Windows Phones didn’t make a lot of sense to some, given that the Windows Phone market share had already dropped below 1 percent by that time. It had sourced Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumi 640 XL handsets that featured special 911 apps, case management apps, and the ability to receive assignments.

The purchase was part of a $160 million plan to help modernize the NYPD. Despite supplying over 36,000 units to the NYPD, it just wasn’t enough to help Windows Phone keep its head above the water.

It’s unclear which iPhone model the NYPD will now be sourcing for the force. It’s unlikely to be the iPhone 8, though, as it’s rumored to cost over $1,000.

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