Google Drive has been updated and a new feature has been added. Called activity stream, the feature let users easily track all changes that have been made to files. A lot of people use Google Drive for collectivity working on lists, files or presentations, they can work simultaneously wherever they might be and everyone has access to the documents. Being able to keep track of all changes and knowing who made said changes would definitely help users save a lot of time.

Activity stream is a single and easy to view place where every action taken on files and folders is displayed. Once Google Drive is opened, clicking on the “i” button in the top right corner will bring up the activity stream. By default, it will display all actions taken on files and folders inside My Drive. Users will see a rundown of the changes their team has made, including commenting on notes, editing, renaming, adding a new document and more. Users can also check what changes have been made to precise file or folders, simply clicking on any particular file or folder will make activity stream display information relevant to that item. Fret not if you don’t immediately see the new feature in your Google Drive, the company says activity stream is going to be rolled out to everyone over the coming week.

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