Google has recently imposed a limit of 5 million files per user in its Drive, including those who pay for extra storage, citing the new restriction as a “preventive measure against system misuse” that could compromise its stability and safety. The newly imposed limit applies to the number of items a user can create within any Drive account and is not organization-wide, however, the company assured users that this limitation would only affect a small number of users and “not impact most users’ ability to utilize their Google storage”.

Nonetheless, users have already begun to encounter this limitation, receiving notifications from Google Drive instructing them to delete millions of files to meet the new requirement (more info about the case was posted on Reddit).

The new failure message is so far the only official mention of the 5 Million item limit.

Some people using the service have even found themselves unable to upload files to Drive without explanation; in such cases, the error message “Error 403: This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items” shows up, directing users to move files to the trash and delete them permanently to make room for new uploads.

Despite these issues, Google’s documentation for Drive still lacks any mention of the newly imposed limit, making it challenging for users to stay informed of this unannounced change. This development highlights the need for effective communication between companies and users, reminding users that Microsoft is not the only company facing communication challenges.

In the meantime, let’s wait for any information from Google addressing this matter, and hopefully, we will have something in the following days.

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