google-plus-gmailSo the other day Google, in an attempt to get more people to use Google+, announced that anyone visiting your Google+ page would be allowed to send you an email (to your Gmail account) even if they don’t have you in their circles. No doubt this is annoying and does open itself up to spam and abuse from marketing companies, or maybe even malicious hackers looking to grab your attention, although the good news is that you can always opt out of it and disable the feature. However it seems that Google has decided that there is a difference between its regular users and its more high-profile users, whereby those who have more users following them have their options set differently from regular folks.

According to reports from MarketingLand and Reuters, it has been discovered that Google+ users with more than a thousand followers will only be allowed to be reached via email by those they set in their circles. This is versus everyone else, or “normal” Google+ users where anyone on Google+ will be able to send you an email directly. It does seem a little unfair that Google is prioritizing those whom they deem as more high profile. After all famous or not, no one likes receive spam and unsolicited messages, right? Either way like we said, this option is easily disabled via your Gmail settings so if you want to go back to the way things are, those options are just a couple of clicks away.

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