SamsungPro_PostCard[CES 2014] Tablets are great devices to bring around as they are large enough to surf the web and watch movies comfortably. To an extent they are great for productivity too although for longer documents and emails, the on-screen keyboard might not necessarily be the best idea or a long-term solution, which is why keyboard cases for tablets are starting to catch on, essentially transforming tablets into a laptop of sorts. Well if you were planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro or the Galaxy Tab Pro, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has a keyboard accessory designed for either tablet in mind with their Logitech Pro keyboard case.

As expect, the keyboard case will pair with either device via Bluetooth and at the same time offer some measure of protection that one might expect from tablet cases. It will also act as a stand of sorts and allow you to prop up your tablet for better viewing angles. Due to Samsung’s tablet offering being of the 12.2” variety (the Galaxy Note Pro), this means that users can look forward to a full, laptop-sized keyboard which should be relatively comfortable to type with. Priced at $130, the Logitech Pro keyboard case will begin shipping to the US come February 2014.

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