xboxmusicMicrosoft has just launched its new iOS app update for the Xbox Music streaming service, although it would see the introduction of just one feature in this particular update. While one update might sound like a paltry amount, this does not mean that it is of no use at all. No sir, this update is a big one, where the new 2.0.31213 version of Xbox Music on the iTunes site will now allow users to be able to listen to their playlists while they remain offline. This will certainly be more than welcome news for those who sign up for the Xbox Music Pass, where they can now access their songs should there be no online connection available at that point in time.

As at press time, we do know that the Android version of the app has yet to receive such an update that will boast of this particular feature. This particular update for the iOS app is a positive move by Microsoft as the software giant works to expand the reach of the Xbox Music service in recent memory. Heck, there was even a web-based version that was launched sometime last year. For those who have yet to enjoy the iOS app for Xbox Music streaming, now might be a good time to start.

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