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Xbox Music Can Now Stream Music Stored In OneDrive
There’s really no shortage of music services these days and all of the different services that already exist are trying hard to increase their market share. Microsoft is in there as well with its Xbox Music service and today the company has released an update for the mobile app which finally allows users to stream music that’s stored in their OneDrive account. For those who are unaware, OneDrive is Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Groove Is Xbox Music In New Wineskin
It looks like Microsoft have decided to shelve the Xbox Music branding where its music and video apps for Windows 10 is concerned, having given it a rebrand to call it simply as “Groove”. What is Microsoft’s reason behind this new moniker? Well, it has been said that “Groove describes what people feel and do with music.”

Xbox Music Might Be Rebranded To Microsoft Music
We have seen Microsoft rebrand many of its services over the past year or so, which is why it wouldn’t really come as a surprise if the company decided to the same with Xbox Music. Many say that the company should drop the “Xbox” branding for such services, which work across multiple platforms, merely because they imply that one would need an Xbox console to access them. Could Microsoft finally be […]

Xbox Music Now Capable Of Playing Music Stored In OneDrive
Microsoft announced today that Xbox Music is now capable of playing music that users have stored in OneDrive. Users will be able to access their personal music collection across all of their Windows devices with the Xbox Music app and that too for no charge at all. OneDrive now has a new “Music” folder where users can upload their music files which will automatically appear in Xbox Music apps for Windows […]


Xbox Music Subscription Price Cut In Half For One Day
Microsoft is running a promotion these days called 12 Days of Deals through which it is providing significant discounts on various apps and services. The latest deal brings Microsoft’s music service at a very enticing price point. Xbox Music Pass costs $99.99 per year normally but on Friday it will be offered for $49.99. The deals in this promotion last for one day only so if you want to purchase […]

Microsoft Offers 50 Free Albums To Promote Xbox Music
In this day and age there’s never just one service of its kind. Take music streaming for example, there are multiple services trying out different models all with the same aim, allowing users like you and me to effortlessly stream music over the internet. Xbox Music is one such service and to promote it Microsoft is now offering 50 albums for free.

Xbox Music Could Support OneDrive Locker Service Already
It was earlier this May when we brought you word that Xbox Music could eventually be the recipient of a cloud locker, and here we are with the very real possibility that Xbox Music has already received the ability to support the OneDrive locker, never mind the fact that there has been no official announcement concerning the release date for such a service at the moment. Details posted on Piptell […]

Free Xbox Music Streaming To Bite The Dust In December
Microsoft has announced, rather quietly, that the free Xbox Music streaming service will bite the dust on December 1st. This service allowed subscribers to stream unlimited music for the first six months after which they were limited to 10 hours of streaming per month, along with advertisements being played at regular intervals.

Xbox Music, Xbox Video Not Shutting Down, According To Joe Belfiore
In the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has announced some pretty big changes that they will be making to the company. This includes the likes of dropping the use of Android, and getting rid of feature phones. They also announced they would be laying off as many as 18,000 employees and would also be dropping plans for original shows for the Xbox.With so many changes being made, we’re sure some […]

Xbox Music Might Soon Get A Cloud Locker
Microsoft isn’t new to cloud technologies. It already runs a popular cloud storage service that used to be called SkyDrive but was only recently rebranded as OneDrive. Apart from that the company already has a cloud based music streaming service called Xbox Music. If a new report is to be believed the company might be looking to merge the two in a way. It appears that Microsoft may soon allow Xbox Music […]

Xbox Music Update For Windows Phone 8.1 Coming Next Week
Earlier this week Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 developers preview. The software itself was unveiled at BUILD 2014 and even though its not going to officially roll out until summer, Microsoft is letting developers and anyone with a compatible device toy around with the preview. Those who had installed it felt that the Xbox Music app needed some work. Microsoft has heard them. Redmond has confirmed that an Xbox Music […]

Annual Xbox Music Pass Nicks You A Free Lumia 520/Lumia 521
We know that we have put the jolly season of Christmas behind us for over a month already, but this does not mean that the spirit of generosity should be stamped out altogether! No sir, Microsoft certainly does not think along that line, and they have in fact introduced a mouthwatering proposal – by giving away a contract-free Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 521 for free as long as […]

Xbox Music For Android Gets Offline Playback Support
Earlier this week Microsoft launched its new iOS app for the Xbox Music streaming service. The new update brought one major feature, the ability to play music offline. This was welcome news for those who signed up for Xbox Music Pass, as they can now access their songs even when they’re not connected to the internet. Microsoft has now added the feature in the Xbox Music app for Android as well. […]

Microsoft Launches iOS App Update For Xbox Music Streaming
Microsoft has just launched its new iOS app update for the Xbox Music streaming service, although it would see the introduction of just one feature in this particular update. While one update might sound like a paltry amount, this does not mean that it is of no use at all. No sir, this update is a big one, where the new 2.0.31213 version of Xbox Music on the iTunes site […]

Xbox Music And Video Windows 8.1 Apps Updated
Microsoft today released updates for Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps on Windows 8.1. The updated apps bring a number of improvements as well as new features. The updated Xbox Video app brings an improved layout, particularly for the section where it displays TV shows. It also comes with various “minor fixes,” and the app has also been improved for high resolution screens and portrait mode.The Xbox Music app does what […]

Xbox One Supports Free Xbox Music Streaming With The Occasional Ad
November is finally here, the month in which Microsoft releases the hotly anticipated Xbox One console. Gamers who’ve got their pre-orders in would no doubt be crossing off each day on the calendars, while a lot of people are expected to line up outside retailers come launch day to get their hands on the new console. Albert Penello, head of product planning for Xbox One at Microsoft, has confirmed that the […]

Linkin Park Releases “A Light That Never Comes” Single On Xbox Music
It was just last week when Microsoft decided to roll out both iOS and Android apps for Xbox Music, a move which many see as a major expansion of its service. Well, it certainly did not take too long before a famous name is dropped – with rock band Linkin Park leading the way, having debuted their latest single that is called “A Light that Never Comes” on Xbox Music. […]

Xbox Music For iOS And Android Being Prepped
It seems that the Xbox Music subscription music streaming service will be expanded to work on rival mobile platforms – namely iOS and Android, where it will also feature a free Web player that will obviously cost you nary a single cent because it will be ad supported. Microsoft hopes to further expand the reach of their Xbox Music streaming service through the launch of corresponding apps via the iOS […]