bamboo-wood-moto-xOne of the awesome features of the Moto X would be its customizability where customers could choose to change the backplate of their handset from a plastic finish, to a wooden one. Prior to the release of the bamboo backplate, it was estimated that it would cost customers an additional $50, but as it turns out, the would end up costing customers an additional $100 instead which makes it a tad more expensive than most would pay. Well the good news is that Motorola has decided to slash the price of the bamboo backplate and it can now be had for $25 instead, essentially being offered at 75% off.

For those who were early adopters and paid $100 for it, fret not because it seems that Motorola will be offering $75 in credit and can be used to purchase anything (except a Chromecast) from Motorola directly, with the credit being good until the 31st of January midnight. Slashing $75 off is a pretty big deal and the good news is that the price will be here stay. Heck, it is even cheaper than the rumored $50! In any case Motorola has also announced new wooden backplate options in the form of walnut, teak, and ebony, all of which will be available as customizable options come 21st of January. So, with the price now set at $25, anyone planning on getting a Moto X in any of those wooden finishes?

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312 PPI
~$310 - Amazon
10 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
130 g
2200 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon S4 Pro + None
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