nintendo-mobileFollowing the announcement that they would be slashing Wii U sales forecasts, Nintendo also announced that they would be studying mobile devices. By that we don’t mean that Nintendo will actually release games like Mario or Zelda on mobile devices, but rather find a way to use mobile to attract gamers onto their hardware and software. Well if you were wondering what that might play out, according to a report from Nikkei, they claim that Nintendo will use mobile devices to air trailers as well as provide free mini games to gamers in hopes of enticing them to check out their products.

The mini games will be offered for free after which gamers have the option of purchasing the full game itself if they wish to experience everything it has to offer. This sounds like an amazing idea although we’re not sure if Nintendo will actually go through with it since there has not been any official announcements yet. Imagine being able to play mini games like the ones in Mario Party on your mobile device. For example Nintendo could offer one or two stages for free and then you’d have to buy the game to unlock the rest. In a way it could also help Nintendo gauge the interest of gaming on mobile devices where down the line, they might even reconsider releasing their exclusive titles on mobile devices as well! What do you guys think of this potential strategy?

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