pocket-droneDrones, drones, drones – they do seem to be just about anywhere and everywhere. Of course, on the battlefield, they do their bit in reconnaissance as well as hit-and-run missions, but how about the ordinary Joe like you and I? We could own our very own drones, too, but they are certainly not as well equipped as a Predator. Having said that, AirDroids intends to make drones accessible to just about anyone and everyone, thanks to the successful funding of a Kickstarter project known as the Pocket Drone.

The Pocket Drone promises an affordable drone which allows just about anyone to fly it, where it took just 24 hours to get funded. In fact, it is a no-brainer actually, since the Pocket Drone itself is more than ready to fly right out of the box, being tiny in size, not to mention collapsible, so much so that you are able to bring it with you wherever you want to. This little puppy can be placed into a standard-sized backpack without missing a beat, where it can be controlled via a physical controller, smartphone, or tablet, and even sports a “follow me” mode. GPS capabilities have also been thrown into the mix, including integrated flight planning via Google Maps. I’m quite sure that flying this thing would also fall under the purview of the FAA’s drone guidelines. [Kickstarter Page]

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