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This Underwater Drone Uses Light, Not Cables, To Communicate
Radio waves don’t travel well through water, which means that in order to send a robot down underwater and to communicate with it, in the past this would have involved using a tether in the form of a cable. However, the downsides are obvious, like not being able to go deep enough because the cable would have a fixed length.

DJI Unveils Its Brand New Air 2S Drone
If you’re shopping about for a new drone, you might be interested to learn that DJI has recently announced its latest drone in the form of the DJI Air 2S. This is not a small drone by any means, nor is it particularly large, so it’s perfect for those who want something in the middle that’s still relatively easy to bring around.

Hummingbird Drone Captures Rare Closeup Footage Of A Monarch Butterfly Swarm
The problem with capturing footage, whether it be photos or videos, of nature is that due to our presence, it can scare away animals and insects and cause them to behave unnaturally. However, researchers might have found a way around it by creating a drone disguised as a hummingbird which allowed them to capture this incredible footage of a swarm of Monarch butterflies that you can check out in the […]

Unmanned Combat Drone Hits Crazy Speeds Of Over 1,500mph
Unmanned combat drones aren’t exactly new. We’ve heard about them and read about them being used in warfare, but it seems that we could be reaching new heights in drone technology. This is thanks to Kelley Aerospace who have managed to craft an unmanned combat drone that can hit speeds of over 1,500mph.


DJI Launches Their FPV Drone
Drone flying typically involves the pilot looking at a screen which streams the drone’s POV through its built-in camera. This is how it’s usually done and for the most part, it works. However, if you’re hoping to have a brand new experience and see through the eyes of the drone, DJI has you covered.

Researchers Develop Insect-Like Drones That Can Withstand Impact
With drones, obviously if you can make them really small they would be inconspicuous and would not be noticed by anyone. However, the downside to small drones is that you would have to sacrifice certain things, like ditching the motor which in turn could make it less effective compared to a drone with a motor.

DJI’s FPV Drone Leaked In Hands-On Review Video
Ever wonder what it might be like to fly a drone in a first-person perspective? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that DJI could have such a drone in the works. This is according to an unboxing video by Dominion Drones who seems to have published the video a bit too early.

DJI’s Drone Insurance Could Cover Lost Drones
Flying a drone does take some skill, and we’re sure that many drone pilots at the start probably encountered a mishap or two. That being said, sometimes those accidents can be recovered from, but other times, you might have an incident where for whatever reason, your drone is lost during the flying process.

FAA Hits Drone Pilot With $182,000 In Fines
While consumer drones might not have been regulated at the start, they are now by various governing agencies around the world. The laws will vary from country to country, where in some places like the US, drone owners are required to register their drones (unless it weighs under 0.55 pounds) with the FAA.

DJI Is Now On The US Entity List
If you were hoping to get your hands on a new DJI drone in the future, that might be tricky because the US government has since placed DJI on its Entity List, the same list that Huawei is currently on. This spells trouble for the drone maker as they might have some issues finding parts for its products.

Sony Announces Plans To Start Making Their Own Drones
When it comes to drones, it’s safe to say that DJI is pretty much the default choice for the most part. The company has created drones with built-in cameras that allows users to capture interesting videos and photos from new heights and perspectives, but it looks like DJI is about to get some stiff competition from Sony.

DJI Mini 2 Is A Drone That Can Fit In Your Backpack
Consumer drones for the most part aren’t very big, which is a good thing in terms of portability. However, they are still big enough where it isn’t as simple as you packing them into a backpack and calling it a day, but if you are after something that small and portable, you might be interested to learn that DJI has since unveiled the DJI Mini 2.

US Army Wants To Create An Autonomous Drone Charging System
The problem with the vast majority of drones is that they don’t last particularly long in the air. For regular users, it might not be that big of a deal, but when it comes to military usage, battery life could pose a bigger problem as it could affect things like surveillance missions and so on, but that’s something the US Army wants to change.

Amazon Has A Crazy New Ring Security Camera That Has A Built-In Drone
Due to the fact that home security cameras are becoming cheaper, easier to install, and easier to use, it’s not surprising that more people are starting to use them. For the most part, they get the job done, but who’s to say that it cannot be improved upon? That’s what Amazon is trying to do with its latest Ring home security camera.

Ghost 4 Military Drone Uses AI For Surveillance And Attacks
The concept of drones raises mixed feelings in people. For some, drones are viewed as recreational devices where they can be used to take photos and videos, while others view drones as an invasion of privacy and also where they can be used in warfare to conduct surveillance on the enemy and also launch attacks.

Amazon’s Commercial Drone Delivery Gains FAA Trial Approval
We know that Amazon has had plans to use drones to help with the delivery of packages. The good news is that the company can now start doing so, at least on a trial basis as the FAA has basically given their approval and has granted the company an “air carrier” designation. This means that Amazon can now conduct trials for commercial drone delivery.

This Eco-Friendly Drone Is Made From Pineapple Leaves
A lot of our gadgets are made using plastic. Plastic is not a very environmentally-friendly material, which is why there is a call to stop using disposable plastics like plastic bags you get at supermarkets, and also plastic straws. However, researchers over at Universiti Putra Malaysian (UPM) are taking things one step further by creating a drone made from pineapple leaves.

Drone Caught Trying To Smuggle Drugs From Singapore Over To Malaysia
Drones are great for photography and videography, and since they’re relatively inexpensive, they’re easily accessible to many. However, some have also taken the opportunity to use drones for illegal activity, such is the case where over in Singapore, four suspects were arrested after it was discovered they were trying to smuggle drugs from Singapore across the border to Malaysia.

Judge Ruling Could See DJI’s Drones Get Kicked Out Of The US Market
In the past, we have seen how companies like Apple have faced patent infringement lawsuits where the request is usually for the company to stop selling their devices and to prevent them from being imported into the country. It looks like DJI is now facing a similar situation of their own.

This ‘Gun’ Will Be Able To Shoot Drones Out Of The Sky In A Safe Manner
Taking out unauthorized drones from the skies usually involves shooting it down. However, the problem with this more conventional method is that as a result, the drone will fall uncontrollably and could hurt or damage people or property below it. However, an Australian company by the name of DroneShield thinks they might have a safer solution.