Sony-DSC-QX100-03It was just last year that Sony unveiled a pair of camera lenses called the QX10 and QX100. What made these lenses unique was the fact that they were essentially cameras, albeit in a rather odd design which was on purpose as it was meant to be clipped onto smartphone (and tablets apparently). It was essentially a supercharged version of those clip-on lenses we have seen in the past. Well the good news is that if you own either pair and were hoping that Sony might introduce some updates to it, you will be pleased to learn that Sony has since pushed the 2.0 firmware out for the QX10 and the QX100, bringing about some changes and improvements in the process.

For starters, both lenses will now be able to record video a Full HD at 30fps. Prior to this, it was only able to record 1440×1080, but with the new 16:9 format, it should allow it to match up with devices like smartphones, HDTVs, and 16:9 monitors. Sony also increased the ISO range of both lenses, with the QX10 reaching 3200 while the QX100 will go up to 12800. The QX100 also gets an added feature of being able to choose a shutter speed priority mode. If you own either the QX10 or QX100 (or maybe even both), just plug it to your computer, download the update and you’re good to go!

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