sphero2b[CES 2014] We have seen the robotic sphere known as Sphero introduced in the past, and right now, Orbotix, the ones behind the Sphero, have decided to make some modifications to it by elongating the Sphero into a tube that is similar in nature to a cylinder, all the while lowering the price point to touch $99 a pop, to make it a really interesting toy. Too bad the mad holiday shopping season is already over to gauge whether the Sphero 2B is really able to make an impact or not, but I guess at the very least, we will be able to have some sort of benchmark to fall back on as it is released to the masses later this year.

The Sphero 2B is said to be twice as fast as the current model, and we cannot wait for Fall to arrive as that is when it will hit the market. You will be able to launch the Sphero 2B using high-speed tricks and jumps, and since it comes in a tubular design, it will also exhibit a great degree of agility. Not only that, customizable tires as well as accessories would be able to make anything possible with the Sphero 2B. There are also advanced multiplayer games to enjoy with the Sphero 2B, and being fully programmable, it lets you embrace your inner hacker. The Sphero 2B will play nice with iOS or Android devices over Bluetooth LE, and it will be powered by USB charging capability with a durable polycarbonate body to boot. [Product Page]

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