I read a comic that portrayed E3 in a rather humorous light, but rest assured, it is still all about games. The folks over at Engadget managed to spend some time with the good people over at Orbotix to discuss on the future plans that they have for Sphero. We talked about Sphero in the past, where it could receive orders from smartphones, with the possibility of it ending up as a game controller surfacing at CES this year, finally culminating in its launch across 96 countries – so what’s up with the team from Orbotix at E3? Well, this Bluetooth-enabled robotic ball is said to continue receiving free apps from Orbotix themselves in order to carve open the roller’s capabilities, advancing the cause of augmented reality and advanced 3D control support at the same time.

One good thing about its augmented reality gaming – you will not need to purchase additional items beforehand, such as AR (augmented reality) cards in order for it to work. The demonstration featured a 2D dinosaur that moved with the ball, showing it off in one out of a possible four positions, paving the way for a potentially exciting future for Sphero. Will it be the Furby of 2012?

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