vievule3[CES 2014] When you work in the line of law enforcement, you might have access to cool and new toys, but do remember that you will also be in the line of fire as and when required. Hence, safety is of utmost importance, and VIEVU knows this, which is why they have announced the new LE3, being the first HD (high definition) wearable camera for cops and other security personnel. With the VIEVU LE3, one will be able to enjoy a highly secure, compelling forensic video evidence, making it a major upgrade compared to other devices that are in the market.

In fact, the LE3 is touted to be a major upgrade to the company’s industry-leading wearable, where right now it commands an 80 percent market share. Considering how a study that was conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 93 percent of police-misconduct cases in which video is available result in the officer’s exoneration; while half of the complaints happen to be immediately withdrawn whenever video evidence is used. Not only that, a whopping 94% of citizens support the use of video, which means that the VIEVU LE3 has more than a decent shot at being successful. As for the hardware specifications of the LE3, we are looking at HD or Widescreen SD video resolution, H.264 video compression, 16GB of internal memory, low light capability, better battery life and thrice the speed of video download compared to its predecessor, the LE2 camera. The asking price of the LE3 right now stands at $899 each. [Product Page]

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