DIGISEQ Ltd, a pioneer in wearable payment technology, has obtained Mastercard certification for an innovative concentric ring inlay, marking a significant development for the wearable market. This pre-certified ring inlay incorporates a secured NFC chip that is world-first. This innovation unlocks opportunities for small independent brands and large corporations to introduce payment rings into their product lines efficiently.

Beyond facilitating payments, the inlay offers multiple services, such as loyalty programs, access control, and applications in events and hospitality, enhancing consumers’ everyday experiences.

The market for passive payment wearables, specifically rings, is anticipated to see substantial growth, with projections reaching US$ 279.6 million by 2028. DIGISEQ’s pre-certified inlay addresses the evolving landscape by streamlining the launch of wearables into the mainstream market.

The thin concentric ring inlay expands the range of pre-certified chip inlays based on Infineon’s SECORA Connect S SLJ37 security solution. It is compatible with various form factors, providing support for diverse product creators aiming to integrate secure NFC technology into their designs.

A Collab Between Infineon and DIGISEQ

Designed as one of the thinnest in the market, the concentric ring inlay results from extensive research and development collaboration between Infineon and DIGISEQ over the past two years.

Infineon’s SECORA Connect S SLJ37 chip, housed in a compact USON8-7 surface mount package measuring 2×2 mm, allows easy integration into small inlays without requiring specialized production equipment or additional certifications. The pre-certified ring inlay is available through manufacturing partner Universal Smart Cards.

Tolgahan Yildiz, Vice President Trusted Mobile Connectivity & Transactions at Infineon, highlighted the SECORA Connect S solution’s role in enabling fast and seamless contactless payments with passive wearables.

The ring inlay, a part of DIGISEQ’s ‘SmarTap’ wearables inlays range, further expands the options for brands and OEMs to incorporate contactless payment features, NFC customer engagement, and provenance tracking into their portfolios. Despite being remarkably thin, the ring inlay maintains optimal performance, catering to the growing popularity of this jewelry piece.

This development signifies an exciting step forward in wearable payment technology, offering a plug-and-play solution for brands and designers to enhance their products with secure and versatile NFC capabilities.

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