vtech-kidizoom-watchYou know what they say – monkey see, monkey do. The thing about kids is this, they learn extremely fast, and most of the time, it is by example. Ever wondered why they start to clamor for a tablet or smartphone of their own when they begin to see how both mom and dad use these two devices all the time? Well, with the advent of the smartwatch, it does seem that the day would come when little Johnny tugs at your sleeve and asks for a smartwatch of his own. Good thing you read this beforehand, as you know the folks over at VTech have the Kidizoom Watch for such an occasion as this.

The VTech Kidizoom Watch will target those between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. It sports a 1.4” color display and has the ability to support up to 20 different watch faces to make sure that variety remains the spice of life. Apart from that, there is also a VGA camera that allows you to capture photos as well as shoot videos, although do not expect too much from the end result. In addition, a voice recorder and a bunch of educational games have also been thrown into the mix. This does seem to be a niche market of its own, and it would be pretty difficult trying to see how this particular idea is going to succeed in the long run, if ever. VTech, after all, is pretty good at designing tech stuff for kids.

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