Worst Password Of 2013 Isn’t ‘Password’


It is unsurprising to see that even in this day and age, people secure their online accounts with very weak passwords, ones that can easily be guessed if someone with malicious intent really put their minds to work. Every year SplashData compiles various lists of hacked accounts so as to determine the worst passwords of the year. The worst password of 2013 is no longer “password,” it has been edged out of the top slot by “123456,” which goes to show that there are a lot of people out there who think that the first six numbers on the keyboard constitute the best of passwords.

In 2012, “password” was indeed the worst password of the entire year, this year it merely traded places with the one that sits on top right now. In third place comes a even longer succession of numbers, from one to eight. Interestingly several Adobe themed passwords have made it on the list as well, including “adobe123” and “photoshop.” Both of them did not make the list in 2012. Passwords that have retained their positions year-over-year include “12345678” and “shadow,” which is down in 18th place. If for some reason you have been using a password that can be found on this list, and by some miracle haven’t been hacked as yet, it would be a very wise decision to change your passwords as soon as possible.

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