metal-gear-solid-5-ground-zeroesCardboard boxes isn’t something we think about much, although admittedly Amazon’s cardboard boxes are somewhat iconic, to the point where a toy robot called Danbo has been created where it is made from Amazon’s cardboard boxes. That being said, it seems rather fitting that one of the exclusives that gamers are able to get when purchasing Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes from Amazon Japan, is a cardboard box. Yes you heard that right, but it won’t be an actual cardboard box, but rather a cardboard box within the game itself which we’re presuming is where Snake will be able to hide himself in.

Unfortunately Konami did not reveal any of the details surrounding this rather novel exclusive, but apparently it will be released for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, and not Ground Zeroes, which might explain why there isn’t much information about it at the moment. This offer will be limited to Amazon Japan at the moment and we’re not sure if it will eventually make its way to other countries that Amazon operates in, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising gamer were to sell the DLC code online to hardcore fans of the game who will probably want to try and collect as many achievements and DLCs as possible.

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