The thing about fiction is that you can create anything you want and it doesn’t really always have to make sense because it isn’t real, but seeing fiction becoming a reality, that’s something else entirely which is what one man by the name of James Young has recently experienced when he got a prosthetic arm that was inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

Four years ago, Young lost his left arm after falling in between two train carriages. Then one day he came across an advertisement by Konami in which they were looking for amputees to conduct an experiment with (it’s not as scary/evil as you think), which as you can see in the video above resulted in Young leaving with a fully functional bionic prosthetic similar to Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid.

Apparently 60 people applied to be part of this experiment and it looks like Young was lucky enough to be selected. Now the arm itself isn’t just for show. It isn’t a prosthetic dressed up to look like a robotic arm. The prosthetic can actually be controlled using muscle singles and it is nimble enough to pick up coins.

There is even a smartwatch built into the arm itself and it also comes with USB ports to charge devices with. Unfortunately it does not come cheap as the arm reportedly costs $120,000 to develop, but it could signal a new direction, or at least present itself as a variant, when it comes to creating prosthetics for amputees. In the meantime you can check out the BBC documentary in the videos above and below.

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