metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-phantom-painWe’re sure many gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The game is scheduled for a release on the 18th of March 2014 for various consoles. Now if you were looking for spending many hours playing the game over the course of several weekends, you might be disappointed. According to the folks at Game Informer who managed to get their hands on a near-final build of the game, they revealed in their upcoming issue (not available online) that they managed to complete the game in just two hours. It should be noted that the two hour mark is only for the main mission, and that side quests or console exclusives were not taken into consideration.

We’re not sure how long it would take if one were to go through every single mission, but two hours just to complete the main game itself does seem pretty short. However short does not necessarily mean bad. After all it’s a bit like the movies, where we’re sure people would rather sit through a 1.5 hour movie that’s good, rather than watch a lousy 3 hour one. Games such as Journey are also good examples of games that aren’t too long, but still amazing to play as well. In any case we’ll have to wait for reviews to see if it really is worth the two hours, but what do you guys think? Do you feel a little “cheated” that the main game could be that short?

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