14.01.21-InstantThe Apple TV device has not been refreshed for a while which also means that there might be a hole in the market that has yet to be filled due to the temporary void left by Apple. That being said, it seems that new rumors have sprung up which suggests that Amazon could be looking to launch a set top box of their own that would give Apple a run for their money. The rumored device is said to be powered by Android and could be released as soon as next month, suggesting that perhaps an announcement could be taking place in the near future.

No word on what sort of features Amazon’s own set top box will feature, and it is also not clear what sort of deals Amazon might have struck up with content providers. Assuming this is the same device that has been codenamed “Cinnamon” from 2013, Amazon’s device could allow streaming of movies, television shows, and music from Amazon’s own cloud services. It was also suggested that support of games and third party applications could be included as well. So where does this leave Apple?

According to previous reports, Apple is said to launch an Apple TV refresh in April, but unfortunately it will only be made available towards the end of the year. We’re not sure why there will be such a huge delay between its launch and release, but it might have something to do with Apple scaling back on their Apple TV ambitions due to resistance from content providers. Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so check back with us later for the details!

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