apple-tvThe Apple TV is due for a refresh as it has been a while since we had last heard anything new about it. The rumors claim that 2014 could be the year when we might see a refresh and now thanks to a report from Bloomberg, we have a more specific timeframe which is in April. This is according to Bloomberg’s sources who has informed them that a new Apple TV could be launched as soon as April, although we’re not sure if it will just be quietly introduced into the Apple Store or if there will be an event for it as April is just a couple of months away from WWC 2014.

Evidence that Apple could have a new Apple TV in the works was discovered in iOS 7 where there were references made to an “AppleTV4,1” which is definitely a step higher than the previous Apple TV which was referred to as “AppleTV3,2”. Based on the numbering, we can only expect that Apple will be making some big changes to the Apple TV device, although what exactly remains unknown, although the rumors are claiming a faster processor and a simpler user interface. In any case aside from a possible announcement in April, sources are claiming that the Apple TV will only ship later in the year, possibly before Christmas, although we’re not sure what is up with the delay.

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