apple_logoThere are plenty of companies out there today that one can admire. It could be companies seeking a cure for an incurable disease, a small startup that has grown into a huge company, a company is that successful despite numerous setbacks, and so on. We’re pretty sure everyone has their own list but in the meantime, Fortune has recently released their own list of the world’s most admired companies which has resulted in Apple, Amazon, and Google taking the top 3 spots respectively.

In fact this is actually Apple’s seventh time winning that number one spot, in a row we might add. However Fortune notes that if there is one thing that could cause Apple’s downfall, are nervous investors who are waiting for Apple to release their next big thing. Assuming the rumors are to be believed, those investors might get their wish this year with Apple’s iWatch.

As for why Amazon made the list, it is due to the company’s ravenous ambitions which apparently doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at the moment. In fact recent rumors have suggested that Amazon might be getting into the music streaming business, taking on the likes of iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and so on. That and the fact that Amazon’s business is also outdoing brick and mortar stores.

Fortune also notes that Google made the list as the company has continuously found new ways to make life easier for users via “mind-blowing” internet products. They also applauded Google’s enthusiasm to take on “moonshot” projects like Google Glass and self-driving cars.

There are other tech companies that have made the list as well, such as Samsung who ranked 21, Microsoft at 24, and Facebook at 38. What do you guys think? Do these three companies deserve the top 3 spots on that list?

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