apple-patent-triggerWhen it comes to patents, Apple is one company that we often hear about, and I am quite sure that they have their fair share of patents up their sleeves. It is definitely something that would not hurt at all if you happen to have more of, and here we are with Apple’s latest patent it received from the USPTO – where it concerns a method of wireless induction charging which is capable of performing different actions, depending on the orientation of the device as it remains on the charging mat or pad.

This particular patent application was first published all the way back in September 2012, and considering how there was recent word on Apple making use of induction technology in iWatch prototypes, it is worth checking out this patent yet again. The whole idea of wireless charging for the potential iWatch is to make life as easy as possible for consumers, as a wired charger would mean having to keep track of yet another charger when one travels. This could prove to be too much to handle with one who already owns a smartphone, tablet and notebook computer to boot. Such positional function switching would come in handy where a smartwatch like device is concerned, as you can potentially trigger an alarm or sleep mode simply by docking an iWatch in a select manner for overnight charging.

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