boeing blackBoeing is a company that many associate with aeroplanes, and rightfully so given that that is the company’s core competency. However Boeing has been making headlines as of late for something completely unrelated – smartphones.

As you might recall earlier, a certain Boeing “Black” handset was spotted at the FCC, although at that time there was no official announcement from the company, at least until now where Boeing has officially announced the Black smartphone, a device which the company is touting as a highly secure product.

In a description that the company posted onto its website, “The Boeing Black smartphone was designed with security and modularity in mind to ensure our customers can use the same smartphone across a range of missions and configurations.”

The handset will be powered by Android and will feature a self-destruct feature should it detect that any tampering will result in the phone wiping itself of all data and software contained on it. It will feature disk encryption, hardware modularity, a secure boot, hardware crypto engine, and more. Now we’re sure you’re wondering about its specs, but as it turns out, some of it is on a need-to-know basis.

In a lawyer letter that accompanied the FCC filing, it reads, “The device will be marketed and sold in a manner such that low level technical and operational information about the product will not be provided to the general public. Detailed technical information distributed at trade shows will be limited or protected by non-disclosure agreements.” However what we do know is that the handset will be a dual-SIM device with dual ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs clocked at 1.2GHz, a 1,590mAh battery with support for microSD card storage for memory expansion.

Interestingly enough, the Boeing Black smartphone is actually the second such device we’ve seen launched in such a short period of time. Earlier this week we had heard about the Blackphone, a smartphone which focuses on the security aspects as well. So, what do you guys think of the phone most of us will probably not be able to get our hands on?

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